C-130 / T56

Dynatech began in 1972 (as Connecticut Machine Products) with a focus on supporting military aircraft engines and though we’ve grown and diversified over the years, our core strength remains the ability to support “legacy” aircraft engines with often hard to find spare parts. Our sales staff has decades of experience, in-depth knowledge and valuable contacts in the aftermarket industry. Dynatech supports all T-56/C-130 Authorized Maintenance Centers with engine spares from OEM and U.S. Government Source Approved sources. We have a large inventory of T56 engine spares and C-130 airframe components in stock and ready for immediate delivery. In addition to spares, we offer an extensive component repair and overhaul management service. Our relationship with our suppliers enable us to support the C-130 with products ranging from lighting and electronic controls to heat exchangers and more. Dynatech provides you with the highest quality spare parts and Repair/overhaul services.

Reduction Gearbox Kit
  • 66 Items
Compressor Kit
  • 98 Items
Turbine Kit
  • 4 Items

T56 / C-130 Kit Management

Dynatech can provide customized T56 kits for kit and bin expendables or Scheduled maintenance module overhauls. Material is OEM certified and approved. Kits can be customized to meet point of use demand on the shop floor for scheduled maintenance or TCTO specific.

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