Our Partners

Dynatech is an authorized distributor of Ancra’s Cargo System Solutions for international military, commercial airlines and cargo carrier markets across multiple platforms, including the C-130, KC-390, KC-46A, 400M and A330. Ancra’s world class design and manufacturing quality has made them the proven leader in cargo loading systems and restraint fittings. Dynatech holds a distribution agreement with Ancra on:

  • Chain Tensioners
  • Tiedowns and Strap Assemblies
  • Cargo Adjusters and Chains
  • Container Latch Assemblies
  • Litter Brackets
  • Seat and Cargo Tracks

Dynatech is proud to partner with Conidia Bioscience to support the global military, general aviation, business jet market and jet fuel supply chain with FUELSTAT® Jet Fuel Test Kit. From sample to report in 15 minutes, the immunoassay antibody (like a pregnancy test) detects only the micro-organisms that do damage to fuel. The tests kits are low cost, easy-to-use, require no additional equipment and are the ONLY true on-site test that gives dependable results even in the dirtiest of conditions.

This exclusive agreement between Dynatech and Disan provides our international military customers with OEM quality navigational lighting components for the C-130 Hercules. This agreement also includes military electronic systems and subsystems for airborne and ground usage, as well as airport runway lighting systems:

  • Thread Indicator for H-60 Black Hawk Series
  • Electronic Test Set for H-60 Black Hawk Series
  • End Bells for A/M32A-86A, C and D Series Diesel Engine Generator Sets
  • Sequenced Flasher for MALSR and REIL Runway Lighting System
  • FAA VASI Lighting System, Components and Power Supply

Since becoming an authorized distributor for NSL Aerospace, Dynatech has been providing its MRO and military customers with consumable products to perform their mission requirements. This agreement allows Dynatech to support its customers with supply chain management and auto fulfillment services for the following name brand products:

  • Royal Adhesives and Sealants
  • Flamemaster Adhesives and Sealants
  • Dapco Sealants, Primers and Adhesives
  • NSA PMA Sealants and Silicones

Oregon Aero is a leader in engineering, testing, certifying and manufacturing advanced seating systems for aircraft, as well as custom military aviation helmet liners and headset cushion upgrade kits and accessories. Dynatech’s exclusive agreement was established to support international military markets with products to eliminate back and headset pain, eliminate ambient cockpit noise, improve safety and provide more comfort during long missions.

Skymart is a well-recognized distributor of aerospace fluids, oils, paints and specialty MRO and OEM products. This authorized agreement is in support of Dynatech’s goal to expand its products and services to its international customer base - MRO, military and commercial operators. This agreement will support the logistics and auto-supply of the required consumable materials and tools needed to perform daily maintenance, repairs and overhaul are always on hand and available. Dynatech is authorized for the following consumable products:

  • Hydraulic Fluids – AeroShell, ExxonMobil, Royco, Eastman
  • Turbine Oils – Mobil Jet, AeroShell, Eastman
  • Greases – Anderol, AeroShell, Mobil
  • Specialty Products – Flamemaster, Dapco, Royal, PPG, NSL, LPS, 3M

Dynatech is the exclusive distributor for Skywash products in the Middle East and Africa region (MEA). Skywash products are approved cleaning and protection products for the commercial and military aviation industries that set new standards for maintaining aircraft exteriors for fuel efficiency, water savings, and long-term paint and corrosion protection. Our line of aircraft interior cleaning products is environmentally safe biodegradable, tackling the toughest dirt without damaging extremely sensitive surfaces throughout the cabin.

  • Drywash and Wet/Foam Wash
  • Polishes, Sealers and Protectants
  • Boot and Wheel Well Cleaners
  • Interior Cabin Cleaners, Disinfectants and Sanitizers
  • Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

In support of the King Air platform for its military customers, Dynatech established an authorized agreement with Raisbeck to provide more performance and efficiency for fleet operators who want to increase takeoff, climb, cruise and landing performance as well as comfort and overall operational efficiency. Dynatech’s authorized distribution includes the following components and performance packages for the King Air 90, 200, 250, and 350 Series:

  • Swept Blade “Composite” Turbofan Propellers (SBTP) – more thrust; less noise
  • Ram Air Recovery System (RARS) – boosts engine power; 180 reduction in ITT
  • Enhanced Performance Leading Edges (EPLE) – eliminates droop, improves wing load
  • Dual Aft Body Strakes (DABS) – reduces drag; quieter, smoother ride
  • High Flotation Gear Doors (HFGD) – increases cruise speed by 4 to 10 knots
  • Crown Wing Lockers (CWLS) – carries up to 600 lbs. of cargo; zero performance loss

In addition to being the thermocouple design leader for Rolls Royce T56 and 501K engines, Dyna Empire has been a long-time partner with Dynatech in the support of C-130/T56 military fleet operators around the world. Dynatech is Dyna Empire’s distribution partner for:

  • T56 Turbine Engine Components
  • T56 Engine Mounting Brackets
  • T56 Relief Valves
  • Thermocouples and Harnesses
  • Carrier Assembly-Speed Governor
  • Prop Shaft Lever
  • Torquemeter Pickup
  • De-icing Valves